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The National Plant Show Seminar Area, sponsored by Sinclair, provides an added extra to the show. With a focus on plants (goes without saying!) the 2019 seminar sessions included a Plant Health Update, Phyto-Threats project update, Trends and predictions in point of sale and merchandising and an insight in to the ever-important issue of Sustainability.

2019 Speakers

Forest Research -  Britain’s natural and managed environments are under increasing threat from a broad range of plant-pathogenic Phytophthora species from around the world. These microscopic, fungus-like invaders are being brought into the UK in soil, water and tissues of a large number of plant species, causing damage to our plant industry and our natural ecosystems. The Phyto-threats project team has been working with 15 partner nurseries over a 3-year period to find Phytophthoras. At each nursery they have sampled water sources and plant roots and by analysing the DNA present have been able to identify which Phytophthoras occur and where they are found on each nursery. You might be surprised to learn that mains water stored in an uncovered tank contained two Phytophthora species! Or that a single puddle draining from a mix of ground-based stock contained 11 species! They are using this information to help businesses like yours to manage your Phytophthora risk. Their findings will also support nursery ‘best practice’ accreditation criteria. 

Alistair Yeomans, HTA Horticulture Manager Alistair provided an update on the latest plant health issues and developments and implications for the horticultural industry as well as providing an overview of industry standards and their role in supporting responsible business practises. He discussed how the Plant Health Management Standard can help protect ornamental horticulture against pest and disease threats by using the British Ornamental Plant Producers quality assurance scheme as a case study.

Sally Cullimore, HTA Policy Executive - Sally provided an update on ‘Plastics in Horticulture’, recycling and the Taupe Pot.

My Power & QCR - Discussed ‘What does sustainability mean to your business’ and 'How to reduce your business costs and tackle climate change'.

HTA Utilities - Gave audiences an update on how they can make their business more sustainable.