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    New Plant Awards

New Plant Awards

The New Plant Area, which hosts the New Plant Awards, is the beating heart of the HTA National Plant Show and is bursting with ideas for new plants.

The New Plant Awards, sponsored by the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS), showcase the best in new plant introductions from UK plant suppliers. Over the past six years, the Awards have grown in prestige and are now seen as the place to find the next best-selling plant for your garden centre. Categories for 2017 are:

Herbaceous Perennials
Trees and Conifers
Shrubs and Climbers

The 2016 awards attracted over 100 entries, with Salvia Blue Marvel from Darby Nursery Stock crowned best in show. Salvia Blue Marvel is a striking deep blue Salvia with the largest flowers of this type of Salvia. It re-blooms reliably over a long period.

Judging Panel member Jim Gardiner, Executive Vice-President of RHS commented, “As a panel of judges we were really thrilled with the large number of new plants put forward. The quality and vibrancy of new plant introductions is in good hands in this country.” He adds, “The judges were really excited by the quality of all the category winners. However, the best in show, Salvia Blue Marvel, was for all of us a revelation in breeding of an already established herbaceous plant. The flower quality and in particular the size of Salvia Blue Marvel was quite exceptional. This plant will see uses far beyond the herbaceous border.”

All the entries were validated by Joy of Plants.

In addition to the formal announcement in the New Plant area, we also had a seminar session focussing on the winners where Andy McIndoe along with our judging panel highlighted the victorious plants and gave you the background on their benefits and how these could bolster your planterea offering.

Who will succeed Salvia Blue Marvel to become this year’s best in show?