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Dura ID Hub

Dura ID Hub

The Toolbox Talks - A new mini demo area where our suppliers supported by our area partner Dura-ID will have the opportunity to showcase new and innovative offerings.

Tuesday 18 June

11.30 am - ICL - Seeka Nematode Range

ICL’s Technical Manager, Andrew Wilson and Business Development Manager Martin Donnelly, will be discussing ICL’s new Seeka nematode range and how ICL are taking a more comprehensive approach to application in order for growers to maximise efficacy. From cost saving implications such as knowing growing media temperature to providing hands on advice at grower level, both Martin and Andrew will be going through the details of this form of biological control and how to fit this in to your IPM plans for the year, with a specific focus on Black Vine Weevil.

2.00pm - Dura ID - Demo of Hortipix Pro Printing System

Dura-ID Solutions will be demoing a variety of print solutions at National Plant Show including the highly anticipated Hortipix Pro Printing System. The Hortipix Printing System eliminates the need to hold stocks of pre-printed picture labels. With the ability to duplex print thick pot label material in a single pass – the Hortipix Pro system has been something the industry has been demanding for years and Dura-ID are the exclusive suppliers in the horticultural industry.

This revolutionary system boasts high quality print and will transform the way you print picture labels in-house. Print on-demand, in-house high quality rigid picture labels easily to keep up with customer demand.

Head across to the Dura-ID hub for several talks and live demos of the full system and how it can benefit your business or come and talk to us on Stand 226/235 to learn more.

3.00pm - Melcourt - PEAT reduction targets

Peat reduction and Melcourt Peat free growing media and how this links in with the government target of peat reduction.


Wednesday 19 June

11.00am - Dura ID - Demo of Hortipix Pro Printing System

11.30am - HTA - Plastics in Horticulture Update by Sally Cullimore, HTA Policy Executive

1.00pm - Melcourt - PEAT reduction targets.

1.30pm - ICL - Seeka Nematode Range