Plant Healthy Risk Assessment

Plant Healthy Risk Assessment

Take your free ‘health check’ before the show
The HTA are advising all National Plant Show exhibitors to take their free online biosecurity ‘health check’ before the show to signify unity in supporting best plant health practices. Should plant diseases such as Xylella Fastidiosa enter our country there could be devastating consequences on our whole industry and the wider natural landscape. Xylella has more than 300 host species, many of which are ornamentals traded in the UK, so it’s important we work together on this.  


The Plant Healthy website ( has been created by the HTA & supporting partners as a useful resource for plant health information and includes a free self-assessment questionnaire which takes about 10 to 30 minutes to complete. It is confidential and is based on the Plant Health Management Standard – a set of practical requirements businesses should meet to help protect the horticultural supply chain. At the end you get a report explaining how ‘plant healthy’ you currently are with suggested steps to take to reduce the risk to your business. As well as this, it’ll help you answer any questions your customers have about how you’re managing plant health risks.

Join businesses like ‘Garden Centre Plants Ltd’ who found it quick and extremely useful...

“It was very easy and straight forward to fill in. From our point of view, you’ve got to be 100% sure that what you’re sending out is pest and disease free. That’s why we’re keen on anything that will help with this. I would definitely recommend taking this self-assessment if you haven’t already.” Trevor Connah, General Manager, Garden Centre Plants Ltd

To find out more or take your free health check visit